dark_matter.jpgDark Matter to this day is unknown about its presence we dont know what it looks like and are unknown about its use and what it does.

This video can tell you somethings about dark matter
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Dark matter was discovered in the 1990's and we still don't know what it looks like we just know that it is out there. It refers to the particles whos presence is still unknown. We have made a supercolider to make dark matter but we have yet to know if they successed in created it. We believe that there may be dark matter and it may be another form of anti-matter that was created by the big bang theory. Babonic dark matter is a common sourace of dark matter found in the super collider.

There are a lot of kinds of dark matter but the most common forms of dark matter are; cold dark matter, warm dark matter, and hot dark matter.

Today we may know that dark matter is out there but we don't know it's use, shape, or if it is harmful to us.