A theory about how the universe is getting bigger and bigger, but maybe even collapsing? A never ending subject, as well as a concept that is hard to wrap your mind around.

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A static universe or "Einstein universe" is one in which space is neither expanding nor contracting.

Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, which made the relationship between matter, space, time and gravity, controls modern cosmology's view of the universe. But when Einstein began to put forth his theory to the structure of the universe, he was dismayed to find that it predicted either an expanding or collapsing universe--something entirely incompatible with the prevailing notion of a static universe. As called "the greatest blunder of his life," Einstein added a term called the cosmological constant to his equations that would make his calculations make sense with a static universe.

Newton knew that if the universe has existed forever and is static, that is, it has no net pattern of motion, there must be enough time for gravity to collapse the universe, but this has clearly not happened! He knew of three ways to resolve this paradox. Either the universe is infinite in volume and mass or it is expanding fast enough to overcome the gravitational attraction or the universe has a beginning and/or an end. The last two ways violate the assumptions of an eternal and static universe, of course. So Newton chose the infinite universe option. Notice that you are able to arrive at the decision of an infinite universe from just one observation: the universe is not empty.

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