Wormholes are basically a shortcut between space and time. A wormhole has never actually been observed, but it is theoretically possible. A wormhole is supposedly the connection between a black hole and a white hole. (A white is the opposite of a black hole. It pushes matter out instead of drawing it in. It's never actually been observed, but it is mathematically possible.) A scientist named ShroWormholes take you from point A to point B in a different path than usual.
The path is may be much shorter and could be a possibility for space travel or time travel.

Possibilities of Wormhole Travel

If these worm holes did exist and we were able to make them big enough for a human to go through, when humans went through it there's a lot of things that could happen.
1. You could be transported to another place in the universe
2. You could be transported back in time or forward in time
3. You could be transported to another place and time
4. Nothing

A problem with wormholes is that if they are there, if we can enlarge them enough for human travel, and if humans could go through them safely, is feedback.


  • Feedback is what happens when energy gets stuck in a tunnel.
  • It would bounce back and forth and back and forth until it destroys the tunnel.
  • Amplifiers are often destroyed by feedback.
  • Feedback from the energy of the wormhole could destroy the wormhole and make it unusable.
  • This idea was thought of by world famous physician Steven Hawkings.

This Youtube video explains the wormhole well.

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